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Can You Tell Thai Cuisine From Vietnamese Food?

The weekend is almost here, and you are making a list of restaurants for your brunch scenes and dinner plans. Asian cuisine sounds appetizing. But what kind? Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisines are, although clubbed together as Asian, each has something different to offer to your palate.

So, as you prepare that list of the best restaurants in Madison, AL, we will tell you how Thai cuisine is different from Vietnamese food. Both Thailand and Vietnam boast of a rich culture when it comes to food. Read on to find out the differences!

Let’s start by looking at the cooking process

As the base of Vietnamese dishes is usually simple, like beef broth, it is relatively easier to prepare Vietnamese food. Furthermore, the number of ingredients used in this particular Asian cuisine is less than Thai cuisine.

Thai preparations have more base ingredients. Shrimp paste and coconut milk are ingredients that give the dishes a distinct flavor and texture.

The cooking process of Vietnamese cuisine comprises boiling, steaming, stir-frying, and deep-frying. Thai cooking process includes stir-frying, tossing, grilling, and deep-frying. For relishing authentic Thai cuisine in Madison, come down to our restaurant, or order a take-out.

Moving on to flavor and spice profiles

The use of spices in the Thai and Vietnamese cuisines are very different. In Vietnamese food, the person eating the dishes adds the spices separately, while Thai food owes its rich flavor to the fact that the dishes are immersed in spices during the cooking process.

On the scale of spiciness, Thai food ranks higher than Vietnamese food. Remember, you add the spices yourself when enjoying Vietnamese dishes? You may even choose not to include any in your food.

If you cannot take too much spicy food, do not forget to specify your preferred level of spiciness while ordering dishes from a Thai restaurant. We will make sure to keep it to your liking when you order Thai cuisine in Madison from our restaurant.

Few popular dishes of both cuisines

Pad Thai is among the most popular dishes from Thai cuisine. It is a stir-fried noodle rice dish. Our Pad Thai Chicken is a treat for your palate. Shrimp Green Curry, Nam Tok Beef, and Orange Peel Chicken are other favorites. The list is long!

Pho is the most popular when it comes to Vietnamese dishes. It is a broth-based soup with meat, noodles, rice, and herbs. The cuisine has a French influence that you will notice while eating the crispy Banh Mi sandwich stuffed with pickled vegetables and pork.

Now you know what dishes to try when you visit restaurants in Madison, Alabama, that serve Thai or Vietnamese cuisines.

Some commonalities between the cuisines

These two Asian cuisines are although different, but there are a couple of similarities when it comes to ingredients. Noodles, rice, chili sauce, ginger, peanuts are the commonly used ingredients.

The cuisines use vegetables, but Thai dishes feature stir-fried vegetables, while Vietnamese dishes usually have fresh, raw vegetables.

Experience authentic Thai cuisine at Phuket

We are a restaurant in Downtown Madison, AL, serving mouth-watering Thai food. Take a bite of our appetizing quick bites and rich flavored traditional Thai dishes and delicious Thai curries; you will ask for more!

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