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How to Plan the Perfect Event Menu That Will Impress Your Guests

When you plan an event, especially a corporate event, food might not seem like a top priority. But it should be. Why? Because your guests are just as likely to remember bad food as they are a good product launch.

If you want your event to be a success, you should put some thought into the food and drinks you serve your guests. You don’t necessarily need to order a five-course meal from a posh restaurant; sometimes the simplest menus can prove to be crowd pleasers.

Catered events often have a bad rap because people associate them with subpar food, but not when you know how to plan the menu. Here are a few tips that will help you plan the perfect menu that will not only make your event stand out but also leave a lasting impression on your guests:

  • Consider your guest list Who are you inviting to the event? Are they your coworkers? Are they higher level executives? How many of these events do they attend in a month? Considering these factors, you should make sure that your event menu has items that are unique and different from the foods that your guests eat at other events throughout the year.

  • Know your guests’ preferences Do your guests have dietary preferences, such as allergies and gluten intolerance, or are vegan? If yes, you should accommodate these preferences and offer more than one choice of entrees. For instance, if someone has a seafood allergy, you should ensure that the entrees or appetizers do not contain any seafood.

  • Choose local While it might seem like a great idea to get out-of-town caterers to provide the food for your event, you should always choose local. It will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint but also guarantee the best and freshest foods at the buffet. Moreover, it will also help you support a local business and contribute to the local economy.

  • Presentation matters No matter if you are planning a buffet or a sit-down plated dinner, you should pay attention to the presentation of the food. It is said that humans eat with their eyes before they actually taste the food. So, if the food at the event doesn’t look good, chances are your guests will not be too impressed.

  • Hire professional caterers Always hire professional caterers for your events. Experienced professionals know what goes into planning an event menu. They will not only provide you with delicious food but also help you decide what to include on the menu. You can always rely on them for support and good ideas.

The food may be just one part of your event but it can have a significant impact on the event’s success. This is why you should keep these things in mind when you plan your menu and make sure that every guest leaves feeling happy and satisfied.

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