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Why You Should Hire Thai Caterers in Huntsville For Your Office Christmas Party

Holidays are just around the corner, and so is the office Christmas party. You know food can make or break any party experience, and you don’t want to fall back on the overdone traditional Christmas menu. If you want to amaze your employees with scrumptious delicacies, Thai food is your best bet. Thai cuisine is loved by Americans, and why wouldn’t it be? The rich balance of salty, savory, sour and sweet flavors in Thai dishes is simply to die for. Thai cuisine is perfect for serving at parties, especially if you have a caterer in Huntsville that knows how to do it right. Read on for reasons to hire catering in Huntsville that specializes in Thai cuisine.

Tempting Flavors

Thai food will triumph over the standard sandwich platter and salad easily, especially because it would be beyond your guests’ expectations. Repeating the same old menu is definitely a missed opportunity, when you can have the food menu stand out and make a memorable impact on your guests.

Thai food is diverse and flavorful, and you have amazing options whether it is curries, noodles, platters or snacks. It gives you delectable alternatives over the bland dishes, and you can find just what meets your needs and palate.

Breathtaking Variety

The Thai menu includes everything from chicken and salmon to yellow curries and sushi. Everything taken care of, from appetizers to the main course! Made with fresh ingredients and sides as mouthwatering as the main dish, Thai food is a favorite for most of us. It will be hard to find someone who does not enjoy the rich flavorfulness of Thai cuisine.

Accommodative Menu

No event can be called successful if half the guests leave without enjoying the food! Thai food offers you easy choices when it comes to meeting your guests’ dietary restrictions. There are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options to choose from, so everyone can enjoy the party without worrying about what not to eat. Dishes like tom yum and pad thai are naturally gluten free, and tofu soup, tom kha, and different curries are some of the vegan delicacies people swoon over.

Customizable Catering Menu

When you have caterers like Phuket Experience, you will find it easier to decide on a menu that suits your party the best. You will have a chef that takes personal interest in making your experience the best ever, and contributes their professional expertise to the suggestions you make.

Thai Food Is Healthy

Thai food depends on the combination of fresh herbs and spices for its appealing flavor. The ingredients, if not fresh, can ruin the taste of the whole meal. If you have a caterer in Huntsville like Phuket Experience that guarantees fresh ingredients and quality food, you can be sure that the food will not just be tasty but also healthy. Thai food is also typically lower in fat content than its American counterparts. And why skip the chance to eat and serve a delicious and healthy meal?

Thai food is the most amazing, convenient, nutritious and delightful choice for any event. So make this year’s Christmas party unforgettable with Thai cuisine. Visit our website to order catering in Huntsville today!

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