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The Art of Identifying Authentic Thai Food - Broken-Down to 4 Factors

Americans eat more Thai food today than ever before. Thai restaurants are springing up all over the place, in big and small urban counties. Be that as it may, can Thai food that is cooked in America, by or for Americans, be as delicious as Thai food cooked by the Thais in Thailand? It is precarious to find an authentic Thai restaurant in the US. How can you tell if your most loved neighborhood Thai restaurant in Madison, AL, is serving the exact same food you come across in Bangkok? These questions might seem subjective, but they can be answered if you have enough info at your disposal. Here’s a guide to help you distinguish authentic Thai food from the fakes out there.

1. Portions

American portion sizes, particularly of meat and poultry, are huge when compared with what you would be served in Thailand. Servings of rice in the U.S. is commonly a lot littler. Thais believe that a bigger serving of rice and smaller serving of meat is a better alternative, health wise.

2. Ingredients

The absence of customary Thai herbs and seasonings in American Thai food is another issue. Pungent, delicious herbs, for example, Thai sweet basil, hot pepper, etc., add healing properties to the dish that are not found in the "weak" flavorings that most American taste buds know about. Thai basil differs from normally seen green basil in America in the sense that it is a purple-stemmed plant whose leaves are much sturdier than the green Italian basil normally purchased in the U.S. Moreover, it has a hint of cinnamon and mint in it.

3. Noodles

Noodles are really well known in Thailand. You can easily find them in a wide range of dishes, including stir fries, soups, salads, and even added to some sausages. When requesting noodle dishes, you will regularly have a choice of various noodle types, as certain noodles run better with specific dishes.

The five principle kinds of noodles are sen yai, sen lek, sen mee, sen bamee, and wun sen. Sen yai, sen lek, and sen mee noodles are altogether made with rice flour and come in different sizes. Sen yai is the thickest while sen mee is the thinnest.

4. Flavor

The individuals who are pretty used to eating Thai food in Thailand state that the principle distinction in American-made Thai food is the absence of the complex blending of flavors around which Thai cooking is woven. Thai food is intended to be a blend of sweet, salty, hot, creamy, and pungent flavors.

While these points might not turn you into an expert food taster overnight, they will surely help you distinguish authentic Thai food from a nonsensical dish presented with chop sticks. If you’re looking to try your skills and experience the scrumptious flavors of real Thai food, visit Phuket Thai Restaurant, which is a versatile restaurant that combines a well-stocked store, a delectable Thai restaurant, and fun Thai cooking classes into one establishment! Not just that, we are also the best seafood restaurants in Huntsville, AL. Check out our menu!

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