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How To Support Your Local Restaurants During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, most state governments have ordered the closure of restaurants, bars, and cafes, which has affected their business significantly. Many workers have been already laid-off while many are at risk. As the restaurant industry navigates this unprecedented crisis, there are a few ways you can still support your favorite local restaurants without even stepping out of your house.

1. Order delivery or takeout

Just because you cannot go out for a meal at your beloved restaurants in Huntsville, Alabama, does not mean that you still cannot enjoy their delicious food. Most restaurants are still offering delivery and takeout services, with several places doing no-contact delivery, which is an important measure for maintaining social distancing. Also, please tip your delivery person generously.

2. Buy gift cards

Buying gift cards is a great way to show your local eateries some love and support. And when you are able to finally dine out after all of this is over, cash them in. The gift cards are also perfect for gifting friends or coworkers who have a birthday or an anniversary in these coming months.

3. Buy the restaurant’s pre-made meal kits

Some of your favorite restaurants in the country offer daily, weekly and monthly pre-made meal kits for pick-up and delivery, along with other in-house products like sauces and jams for sale. How about you stock up on a few of those? Not only will that help you support local businesses but also ensure that your pantry has a sufficient amount of appetizing fare for you to gorge on.

4. Donate to a non-profit

If you are looking to offer your support to restaurant industry workers whose livelihoods have been upended by this pandemic, there are several non-profits that are working to provide them aid. Most of these organizations have set up specific COVID-19 funds. Some of the non-profits that you can donate to are:

1. Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

2. The James Beard Foundation Relief Fund

3. The United States Bartenders' Guild COVID-19 Relief Campaign

4. Golden Rule Charity

5. Buy merchandise

If you had been putting off buying a hat or a t-shirt from your favorite restaurant, bar or café, now would be a great time to do that. It will benefit the business and also switch up your style game. You can even put on the merchandise during one of your Zoom meetings to help promote the business among your coworkers. 

During these difficult times, make sure you do your part in supporting local restaurants in downtown Huntsville, AL.

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