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All You Need to Know for a Delightful Sushi Experience

There is no denying the fact that sushi is a delectable dish every seafood lover enjoys relishing. Whether you are a traditional American sushi roll kind of a person or prefer authentic nigiri and wasabi maki rolls, sushi makes every dining experience delightful. Despite the dish being mouth-watering, some people refrain from ordering sushi when they go to dine out because they think they don’t know the proper way to eat the dish. Firstly, there is no wrong way of eating sushi. You can dip it in any sauce you like, no need to worry about what food critics think. The point is, you are not eating to impress anybody but because you find the dish delicious.

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Having said that, we agree that eating sushi gets a tad overwhelming. You may be confused about whether to use chopsticks or hands will do just fine. You may want to know about the dip with which your sushi will taste the best. If you are trying the dish for the first time, you will probably be wondering what roll you should try first.

Your favorite place for sushi in Madison has got answers to all your sushi related questions. All you need to know for enjoyable sushi dine out is right here! So, let’s get you hooked to sushi the right way:

What to Expect on Your Table

There are a couple of unsaid rules every sushi joint follows. Along with a plate of your choice of rolls, you will also be provided with chopsticks. A soy sauce bottle will definitely be there on your table. Typically, people eat sushi with chopsticks, but if you aren’t comfortable, feel free to use your hands! Three things that should be present dish wise are sushi rolls, pickled ginger, and a generous helping of wasabi.

How to Enhance the Flavors

While you do not have to follow a pattern when it comes to eating sushi but for enhancing the taste and bringing out the flavors in your dish, you may as well try the traditional way. Pour a little soy sauce in your bowl or plate, dip a sushi roll in it, for making it spicier put a little wasabi onto your sushi, eat! Chew generously to allow the flavors to burst in your mouth. Many people like drinking sake with the dish, if you are too, take a sip after you finish chewing. To clear your palate after finishing a roll, eat some pickled ginger. There, you have the food critic approved way of relishing sushi.

Which Fish is Commonly Used in Sushi Preparations

Although any fish may be used in the dish, tuna, salmon, and shrimp are common favorites. Some places may have exotic options like eel and swordfish. Sushi is probably the best way to taste a new fish as it truly brings out the flavor of the fish, but if you are not in the mood to experiment, we suggest sticking to salmon, trout, or tuna.

To Conclude

For a sushi experience you would never forget, come down to Phuket. We serve scrumptious Thai cuisine in Madison with a dedicated sushi bar. Whenever you feel like having sushi in Madison, just drop by!

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