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8 Interesting Thai Cuisine Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

When everyday staples start feeling like a drag, a quick drive to one of the best Madison seafood restaurants can really turn your dinner time around for you. Be it special occasions or a weekend cheat-day, an eccentric change unraveling in your tastebuds can be quite a treat, especially when we have “Thai” in mind. However, before you go booking your fine-dining reservations, here are 8 fun food-facts you and every other Thai-food lover should know about-

  1. Say Bye to Baked- There’s no baking when it comes to the Thais. Even if you do find a bakery, it would probably sell Chinese bread. Thai food is all about high flames and sautés, bubbling flavors and outbursts of spices.

  2. It’s Always Sugary- Sugar is a staple ingredient in every Thai dish ever, even in the ones you don’t expect. From salads to Pad Thai, Thai dishes are incomplete without sugar. However, based on your preference, you can ask us to tweak your sweet tooth requirements.

  3. Not Everything is Hot- You thought Thai is a codeword for hot but Thai food lovers have a different take on flavors. There are a lot of traditional dishes, the Kuoy Teow (noodle soup) for instance, that comes with mild outbursts of spices that are not necessarily hot. Even if you don’t like chili flakes and vinegar blends, you’ll still love some of these Thai specials we have for you.

  4. The 4 Power Ingredients- If you planning to sign-up for a Thai cooking class in Madison, this point is a must-know for you. Thai cuisines maintain a delicate blend of spicy, sweet, salty, and sour and hence each and every dish should contain all 4 blends.

  5. Don’t Go Looking for The Breakfast Menu- Looking for dinner specials in your Thai menu? Here’s a fun fact- Thai cuisine cannot be differentiated in terms of breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. You can literally eat whatever you want whenever you want, and rest assured all of them will be super delicious every time.

  6. Beer On the Rocks- We all melt at the sound of chilled beer, but the Thai experience will have you trying out beer in a whole different way. It’s absolutely normal for you to drink chilled beer with ice cubes in it at a Thai gathering.

  7. Not Your Everyday Chinese- The story goes back to centuries ago when some Chinese immigrants traveled to Thailand with their cuisine tagging alongside. Thus, it originated the concept of Thai food which puts an authentic Thai spin in Chinese-based flavors. But, don’t confuse authentic mouth-watering Thai with your Friday night takeouts.

  8. Vegan Thai Food- We know they say, “don’t be a vegan in Thailand” but what happens if your vegetarian tastebuds want something unconventional? Don’t worry, you can have a slice of Thai right here in our Madison fine-dining restaurant where we have special menus perfectly seasoned to fit your vegetarian palette.

If you’re traveling to Thailand, just remember, the delish food is region and geography-specific in nature. This means you can’t find the same scrumptious Southern Thai food in the Northern regions. However, if Thai food is more of a weekend plan, you can just pop by our cosmopolitan restaurant serving all the best mouth-watering Thai cuisines in Madison.

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