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4 Tips to Savor Your Thai Cuisine the Right Way

Among the many things Thailand is famous for Thai cuisine is something each one of us should get to savor. Loaded with a spectrum of textures and rich flavors, Thai dishes are worth spending on. After enjoying a Thai meal, you feel satiated and are left longing for more at the same time! Different provinces of Thailand boast of unique cultures and cuisines that are treasured by locals. The specialties range from mouth-watering seafood to meal preparations that are rich in herbs. While flying all the way to the land of wonder and magic for rejuvenating your taste buds may not seem like going too far to many, craving for some delicious Pad Thai with no vacation plans to Thailand for the next year or so is unfair! Instead of browsing pictures of scrumptious Thai meals on the internet, come down to enjoy an authentic Thai dining experience in the Phuket restaurant in Huntsville itself!  

If you want to enjoy soulful dining at one of the Phuket restaurants in Huntsville but are not sure how to choose your appetizers and main course we are here to make it simpler for you. For savoring the rich flavors of Thai meal, just keep these tips in mind and you will cherish the experience forever!

Read on:

1. When it comes to dining, hogging on the appetizers is never a good idea. It does leave you with a full stomach but you miss out on so many must-try dishes on the menu. We suggest starting with some low-calorie food so that your gut has ample space to enjoy the rest of the culinary marvels that adorn your table. Thai pot sticker or crispy spring rolls are good choices to start your meal with. They are a treat for your tastes buds and prepare you for the delicacies coming your way.

2. Controlling the urge to stuff yourself with the first dish you see on the menu is important if you want your dining experience to be a delight. While at the Phuket restaurant in Huntsville, all the dishes are mouth-watering, you can’t possibly taste it all at once! Rather than ordering something which has coconut milk as an ingredient right after you are done with the appetizers, stick to a bowl of soup.

3. Thai meals are made from an enriching concoction of seasonal herbs and spices that add character to the food. Thai BBQ chicken and the Teriyaki chicken taste heavenly. Panang chicken curry and the Shrimp green curry are a must-try too. You can enjoy our house specialties like the Phuket short ribs and the Nam Tok beef among others.

4. Also, if you dine at a Phuket store in Huntsville and do not order sushi, you will definitely be missing out. From Samurai roll and Dragon roll to Nilgiri sushi, there are different varieties to choose from. If you are at one of the Phuket restaurants in Huntsville, do order the Wasabi Maki roll.

Already craving for a scrumptious Thai meal, are you? We are an authentic Phuket restaurant in Huntsville. For outstanding taste and excellent portions, do come down to our cozy dining space. We also deliver, in case you don’t feel like stepping out.  

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