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Are you a gluten free Madison resident, and looking for a restaurant that can meet your dietary needs while still serving you delicious food? Here at Phuket Thai Restaurant, we want to be sure that all of our customers find something delicious that they can eat, but which also caters to their specific dietary needs. We understand that many people have dietary restrictions, and we do not want those people to have any less of an experience with us than our customers who do consume gluten do. We strive to accommodate to those gluten free Madison citizens by serving them food that we carefully craft, without the use of gluten products. We are one of the best gluten free Madison restaurants, and we hope that you will visit us to see for yourself!

For our gluten free Madison patrons, we offer nothing but the finest, most delicious dining options! These options aren’t just limited to a couple of dinner choices. We offer over 14 gluten free options, which include savory and flavorful appetizers; hearty and scrumptious soups; various fresh salads; and delicious, piping hot entrees, to please our gluten free Madison guests. To start off your dining experience with some appetizers so delectable and delicious that you will wonder if they are really gluten free, try our char-grilled Satay Chicken, or our tasty Larb Chicken. Next, why not try one of our delicious soups? These local, gluten free Madison soup options include creamy coconut Tom Kha; our unique hot and sour Tom Yum Shrimp; or our savory Pacific Seafood Soup. If you are more of a salad person, sample our tasty Fiery Grilled Beef Salad.

We offer seven mouthwatering entrees that are sure to please even the pickiest gluten free Madison customer. Sample our tangy vegetable-topped Grilled Salmon Green Curry; our savory and sweet Shrimp Green Curry; our exotic, bamboo-accented, sautéed Jungle Chicken Curry; our flavorful and slightly spicy Yellow Chicken Curry; our palatable, thick Panang Chicken Curry; or our southern Thailand-inspired sautéed Masaman Chicken Curry. If you are in the mood for another gluten free option that does not include curry, our piquant sweet and sour Thai BBQ Chicken is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Out of the gluten free Madison restaurants available to you, we hope that you will make the right choice and come visit us here at Phuket Thai Restaurant! Your dietary needs are truly important and crucial to us, and we will be sure that you get the delicious, well-prepared meal that you deserve. We will take extra steps to avoid cross-contamination of your food, and make sure that we are the tastiest, friendliest, and most delicious gluten free Madison restaurant around!

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